Strategic Direction

How to Create a Dynamic, Results-Oriented Strategic Direction that focuses on Execution and Results!

Results-Oriented Strategy sets the agenda for the organization and creates incredible focus for all stakeholders of the organization. When an organization is “out of focus”, it becomes a victim of the "activity trap." In this trap, organizational activities are diffused, unorganized, random, uncorrelated, and unproductive. The combined effort accomplishes little. One basic feature characterizes every organizational activity trap – lack of a sense of strategic direction. Strategy creates a sense of purpose and renews hope and optimism in an organization.

Results-Oriented Strategy also creates Alignment in the organization. This occurs when every decision, every action, every resource, every activity, every objective, and every system supports and reinforces the strategy. With alignment, the operations of the organization are linked and integrated to the strategy.

Execution occurs when intent is acted upon to initiate the change process. Without execution, things that are supposed to happen just don’t happen! Without execution, the organization fails to deliver on the strategic plan. The strategy is pushed forward to implementation when execution on the plan exists. With execution, big thoughts are translated into concrete steps for action. It requires a sense of urgency, tenacious follow-through, persistence, and accountability. Without execution, the strategic planning process will be a huge waste of time, money, and energy!

Success occurs when the implemented strategic plan results in measurable, observable, positive outcomes that reinforce the vision and mission of the organization.

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