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Six Sigma Thinking – The Better, Profitable Alternative!

This mindset recognizes that Six Sigma practical tools can uncover the root cause(s) of sales problems and challenges...that help make permanent improvements in the sales process. And, you do not need a full-blown, Six Sigma organizational program to implement these tools.

Since mid-1980 this thinking has been very prevalent in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. GE and Allied Signal have led the Six Sigma charge. Now, Six Sigma thinking is finding its way into the sales and marketing departments. And yes, there are similarities. For instance, manufacturing uses Six Sigma to produce products and sales organizations can use Six Sigma to produce customers. Companies like GE, Johnson & Johnson, Dow, Honeywell, Xerox, and Sun Microsystems are using the Six Sigma methodology to increase sales results.

Here Are Six Steps to Six Sigma Thinking That Can Grow Your Sales In 2019!

The 1st Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Identify the clearly-defined stages of your sales process. Then, map the process that your sales reps (inside or outside) must take to successfully sell your product or service.

The 2nd Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Identify your sales reps’ activities in the sales process. Then, track and measure the activities performed by your reps.

The 3rd Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Identify the conversion rate (percentage, ratio) as the sale rep proceeds from one activity to another in the process to know where the sales rep is losing deals.

The 4th Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Analyze the data and discover root causes of the sales problem.

The 5th Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Improve the process with “actionable solutions” and "do this" feedback.

The 6th Step to Six Sigma Thinking – Maintain the improvement(s) in the process through attention, measurements and review.

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