About Frank Swiatek

"You Can Drive More Sales With a Metric-Based Approach In 2018!"

Sales force analytics will provide you with the metrics you need, to help you lay out a clear path for your sales reps, to enable them to hit their numbers in 2018.

5-Step Sales Analytics Methodology

  1. Identify the clearly-defined stages of your sales process that your reps (inside or outside) must take to sell your products or services
  2. Identify your sales reps' activities, in the sales process, by measuring the activities performed by your reps
  3. Identify the conversion rate, as the sale rep proceeds from one activity to another in the sales process
  4. Pinpoint areas of the sales process where the rep is losing deals
  5. Use the data to coach and manage the rep to desired objectives

If you use this methodology you will go from a "do more" culture to a "do this" culture – a huge difference in sales results!

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