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Do your messages resonate with people?

Right messages connect with people and wrong messages disconnect with people!

A right message is one that build trust, rapport and credibility. A wrong message is one that builds stress, tension and threat. These are also called faulty messages.

Your words have octane! They have a profound influence on your employees, peers, customers and your direct report. What you say in your numerous interactions ultimately determines the quality of the working relationship that you have. The quality of the relationship determines the level of engagement anyone has with you.

What You'll Learn

  • How the quality of your message can improve employee motivation
  • Master this rule for high-impact messages
  • Discover the number #1 barrier to connecting with people
  • How to structure constructive messages
  • How to improve your recognition messages
  • How to send right messages in conflicts

The motivational level of people is highly dependent on the messages that you send. If you want to have a significant positive impact on the emotions, energy and attitudes of people on the job (and off the job too) then download this ebook now.