About Frank Swiatek

"Are You Frustrated with the Few Amount of Leads and Sales That You are Getting from Your Messages?"

You develop a wide-range of sales and marketing tools to persuade your prospects and customers to buy your products and services, as you saw on the previous page.


The issue is that many of these sales and marketing tools lack the persuasive messaging that cause people to take action.

They are not...

...Customer-Driven Messages
...Value-Added Messages
...Benefit-Driven Messages
...Solving a Problem Messages
...Conversational Messages (Yes, get rid of "Corporate-Speak")

In addition, there are too many 'we', 'us', 'our' and 'name of the company messages' and not enough of 'you' and 'your' messaging.

Furthermore, there are few compelling headlines!

If you add it all up, organizations are sending too may boring messages to their prospects and customers.


If you want to send compelling, customer-driven and persuasive messages in all of your sales and marketing materials, that are designed to get positive responses, then call us or e-mail us for a business-building conversation.

We can audit your messages, tweak or "punch-up" your messages or create new messages.

716 – 863 – 1584 frank@fswiatek.com


Frank Swiatek – His vast background in selling plus his verification as a copywriter by the American Writers and Artists, Inc. can help you carve out persuasive messages.

Carissa Malecki – She has been a front-end web developer for 16 years and has developed sites for companies like Jennie-O, Dole, Sea World, Upstate Farms and Smuckers.

Jim Ranney – His background as a Communications Director helps him to communicate words that influence your prospects and customers. In addition, he teaches speaking courses at Buffalo State.