How Many Sales and Deals are You Losing Because your Marketing and Sales Messages are not Resonating with your Customers?

Millions of dollars are wasted on brochures, sales letters, introductory letters, and advertisements because they simply do not lead the potential customer to action! Here’s one reason why: Many marketing and sales messages are company-driven and not sales-driven.

You know what I mean by company driven! Have you ever heard or used these before?

"We have been in business for 26 years!"
"We have excellent customer service!"
"We have a great track record of results!"
"We have quality products!"
"We have an experienced staff!"

This is the stuff of "plain vanilla, rational ads" that do NOT break through the clutter of the ads of your competitors!

Yes, company credibility is important but not until AFTER you…

  • Get into the potential customer's mindset (needs, desires, fears, passions, motivations)
  • Use that mindset to arouse their interest through a powerful, gripping headline
  • Stir their emotions through creating word pictures in their mind of a problem or need
  • Use benefit language to solve their problem or meet their need

This is but one example. There are other compelling processes involved in writing good copy.

Highly successful direct marketers, on the internet or in print copy, have known for years the process that is required for a potential customer to take action. Think about it, the words and structure of a particular ad or letter is so powerful that it can induce you to take out your wallet or purse, remove a credit card, and immediately purchase the item or service that they are promoting.

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