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Learn how professionals catch fire and flourish!

Behavior is the key to achievement! Behavior is what we do or don't do. Behavior, based on personal qualities creates professional success.

I have had the pleasure or working for 12 years with an industry leader in organizational and Personal development. Her name is Joan Koob Cannie, former leader of Learning Dynamics in Boston, MA.

Joan strongly felt (and confirmed by later research at Harvard and Yale) that personal qualities were the 'tipping point' for professional success. Thinking, planning and knowing won’t create success.

Additional research states that 67% of job success is based on personal qualities. It is a new yardstick for success.

What You'll Learn

  • How the Motivative Level of Learning contributes to your success
  • How real-world optimism creates energy
  • The role of accountability in success
  • Developing resilience to deal with setbacks
  • How to connect with people
  • Dealing with disruptive emotions

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