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Frank Swiatek is a seminar leader, consultant, coach, facilitator, and speaker in the areas of leadership, management, and personal development. He has conducted over 3,000 sessions for organizations throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to his own company in Western New York, he is a partner of the Harvard Performance Group in Cambridge, MA. He is also an adjunct faculty member at both Cornell University and Canisius College. He has received the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association, the highest earned award of the Association.

He has conducted sessions for a variety of organizations, including Verizon Wireless, General Electric, US Army, US Navy, Ford Motor Company, Baskin-Robbins, Dial Soap, Amtrak, Lays Potato Chips, and the US Forest Service.

His programs include Star Performance, Connecting with People, Managing Conflicts, The Irresistible Sales Presentation, The Accountable Leader, and FIBER-MATIC SPEAKING.

He is the author of three books:

  • "Everything is as Important as You Make it!"
  • "Connecting with People" (with Don Caplin)
  • "FIBER-MATIC Speaking"

His next book project is in the initial stages. It is entitled, "Tee-to-Tee Motivation How to Inject Golf Course Motivation into the Workplace"

Currently Frank is also a Commissioner and Chairman of the Erie County Water Authority, which provides water to over 153,000 customers with 263 employees and a budget of $50,000.000. While a member of this Board of Directors, the Authority has received the National Gold Award for exceptional management practices and the CAFR Award for Openness in Financial Reporting.

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